1. Make on one time gift: This is an opportunity for our supporters to become part of something that will last forever, a legacy for future generations. This is an opportunity to save a life, to provide a future for a child.

  • $100 provides 50 kids a hot, nutritious meal each school day for a month.
  • $50 covers the costs food, nutrition, health and hygiene for 3 children for a full month at one of our holistic community feeding centers.
  • $25 supports building a foundation for the future, their future. You are investing in long term sustainability for destitute Nicaraguan communities.

2. Honor or memorial gift: Honor a friend, loved one, mentor or personal hero with a special gift in his or her name. These thoughtful contributions are a truly special way to show respect for friends and loved ones, and help memorialize those who have passed. When you make your gift we will send a note on your behalf to a family or recipient of your choosing.

3. Become a Sustaining Giver: Monthly recurring gifts are easy and make a big impact. Sustaining donors are loyal and engaged in the cause, these generous monthly gifts provide stability for Fill the Bowls programs. For as little as $20 per month you can provide 10 kids a life-saving meal each school day for a month.

4. Fill the Bowls Ambassador: Coming Soon….Team pages. Becoming a Fill the Bowls Ambassador empowers you to share and inspire others with your personal story. By engaging others in your story you are able to invite large groups of people to show their support in meaningful way. Team up with Fill the Bowls to create a customized page, specific community project and fundraising goal. Engage others through sharing your experience and passion for giving. DEVELOP MESSAGING FURTHER.

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  • “Sharing is caring”: Sharing plays an important part in bonding with the people around us. Sharing our passion for serving those most in need can transform the world. Led by example, open your heart, tell people what matters to you. Invite them to join you.
  • Share our donation landing page link on your social media platforms. Tell your friends why you care, why this matters to you.
  • Send a private message or email to your friends and family and ask them to get involved. Share with them why this matters to you. Below is an example message you can customize.

Subject: What will you Fill your Bowl with?

I just donated to Fill the Bowls and want to invite you to join us.

Fill the Bowls is immersed in the work of making a life-saving difference to those whose need is real and immediate. Fill the Bowls nourishes the underserved in order to save lives and to sustain a long-term elimination of malnutrition in local communities.

Working together we are making an impact in the lives of children like Diana.

She’s 5 and loves to sing. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. We love the way Diana smiles with so much joy, its truly contagious. Diana’s weight has improved over the past 6 months because of the daily nutritious meal and medical support she receives through Fill the Bowls programs. She continues to grow strong as a healthy, happy girl. Join us in loving and supporting girls and boys like Diana. Join us in celebrating the hope for the future of Nicaraguan children.

What will you Fill your Bowl with? Click here (EMBED LINK) to find out how you can get involved.

Use the following hashtags when sharing your story.

  • #fillthebowls
  • #giveshareprayer
  • #whatwillyoufillyourbowlwith


At Fill the Bowls we follow ethical and moral principles of respect and consideration for the basic dignity all persons and the common good. Join us in lifting up the children we serve in Nicaragua and each other in our shared passion for service.

“Make us worthy, Lord, to serve those people throughout the world who live and die in poverty and hunger. Give them through our hands, this day, their daily bread, and by our understanding love, give them peace and Joy. Amen” – Mother Teresa

Thank you for sharing our vision to nourish the underserved, to save lives and to sustain hope. We are sincerely grateful for your generous commitment, we pray for your continued support, and we are honored to work on your behalf.